The 2018 NM2MEX program is divided into two weeks.

July 7 - July 15, 2018 Camera, Culture, Coyoacán

Led by Professor Jaelyn deMaria, this course looks at Mexico City culture, history and current moment through photography and visual arts. 

July 15 - July 23, 2018 Luna, Virgen, Frida

Led by Tessa Córdova, Ph.D., this field study looks at pre-colonial, colonial and modern day México through performance, theater, and community research.

Instituto Legal will provide education on immigration and copyright law, indigenous peoples' rights, cultural resource conservation and NM2MEX migration history.

Participants will enjoy the following arrangements:

Opportunities to meet local artists, culture-protectors, media-makers and community leaders.

Daily support and guidance from faculty with final projects, navigating a new city, and having smart fun.

Communal housing in fully equipped homes in two of Mexico City's most popular destinations:

Coyoacán & Colonia Roma

Admission and daily transportation provided to museums, cultural activities and anthropological sites:

Templo Mayor

Casa Azul - Frida Kahlo Museum

Museo de Antropología

Museo de Arte Popular

Museo de Fotografía Cuatro Caminos

Palacio de Bellas Artes

Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco

Daily in-home breakfast service and various group meals at plenty of Mexico City's best foodie destinations.

Media-making & Community-building in CDMX!

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2018 NM2MEX Fee Schedules


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 Instituto, UNM Communications & Journalism Department, & Pistoleras Instituto Cultural de Arte are offering the NM2MEX 2018 study abroad program in Mexico City from July 7-23, 2018 where New Mexico students will learn about the robust historical, artistic, cultural, economic and political connections shared between New Mexico and Mexico through the lenses of photography, theater, community praxis & the law.

Week 1 class: Cámara, Cultura y Coyoacán 

Week 2 class: la Luna, la Virgen y la Frida

NM2MEX Fee Payment Schedule for Week 1

$250 Deposit by April 15, 2018

$300 2nd payment by May 1, 2018

$300 Final payment by May 15, 2018

NM2MEX Fee Payment Schedule for Week 2

$300 Deposit by May 1, 2018

$300 2nd payment by May 15, 2018

$300 Final payment by June 1, 2018

NM2MEX Fee Payment Schedule for Weeks 1 + 2

$550 Deposit by April 15, 2018
$550 2nd payment by May 1, 2018
$550 Final payment by May 15, 2018