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Dicho y Hecho is a new 30 minute series that examines the issues that are most important to the immigrant community across New Mexico. The show invites community leaders, elected officials, educators and others to discuss and offer their perspective on the pressing issues affecting our immigrants in our state and what the community is doing to address them. The program is moderated by Joel Cruz-Esparza, who recently retired after working for 18 years for the New Mexico Attorney General's office, and is produced by Instituto Legal. 

The first episode dives into the issue of driver's licenses and the attempts by some at the national level to deny citizenship to children born in the U.S. to undocumented parents. Click here to view the first episode featuring Somos Un Pueblo Unido's Executive Director, Marcela Diaz

and University of New Mexico School of Law professor Margaret Montoya.

"Ultimate Journey" Board Game

"Ultimate Journey" is Instituto Legal's new board game that is available for those preparing to take the citizenship test. The game is modeled after the ancient Aztec game of patolli.

The goal of this game is to go through the entire path or journey and correctly answer each and every question asked when landing on each space on the Board. By the end of the journey, the player(s) will have answered the most important questions to be asked at their citizenship interview. This will give them the best opportunity to pass their citizenship exam.


Education Video Modules


Educational Video Modules are also available for those preparing for the citizenship test. The bilingual modules review all four subject areas the citizenship test covers; U.S. History, Democracy, Symbols, Dates & Holidays, and Systems of Government.

They are hosted by Marisa Silva, a long time bilingual teacher and citizenship instructor and produced by Instituto Legal.