NM2MEX provides DACA recipients, and other young people, in New Mexico with the opportunity to participate in a three-week travel abroad experience in Mexico City focused on strengthening their leadership, advocacy and Spanish language skills, deepening their knowledge of Mexican culture and history, and expanding their understanding of U.S. immigration law.

In exchange, each participant becomes an "immigration navigator" and receives specialized legal training preparing them to assist members of their family and community connect to free or low-cost legal services after they have completed the program.

Our first NM2MEX cohort consists of 16 DACA recipients from various non-profit organizations across New Mexico who will be participating in the program from December 10, 2016 to January 3, 2017 in Mexico City.


We provide low-cost legal assistance to legal permanent residents, primarily in rural communities across New Mexico and West Texas, who would like to become U.S. citizens. Our services include legal consultations, legal representation, assistance with the citizenship application process, citizenship test resources/classes, and more. Through this process, our clients are also provided with volunteer and membership opportunities with local community organizations in an effort to support and strengthen our immigrant community.


U.S. Citizenship

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Partnering with local organizations to expand the reach of free or low-cost legal assistance 

for immigrant families living in rural communities across New Mexico and West Texas.

Permanency of residence is not often the reality for immigrant workers, and their families, who migrate across the U.S. pursuing economic opportunities. And currently, the bulk of legal services is concentrated in urban areas that often leave immigrants living in rural communities behind. iMóvil is a mobile, legal clinic model designed for the mobile immigrant.  iMóvil travels with teams of attorneys and trained “immigration navigators” to meet clients in their communities. iMóvil creates access to legal information and resources, offer free legal assessments on pathways to citizenship or remedies to other legal matters, and provide free and low-cost legal services.

We assist immigrant families in the following areas: Securing a lawful status & citizenship; Wage Theft; Employment Abuse; Tax Assistance;

Consumer Protection; Domestic Violence U-Visas and other family and civil matters

We understand that a mobile legal clinic alone cannot help create long-term free and low-cost legal assistance in rural communities, that is why iMóvil strategically partners with non-profit organizations, churches, service-providers, small businesses and government agencies working on the ground in these communities. By partnering with local organizations, iMóvil is not only able to expand the reach of our services but can assist these communities in building long-term legal services in their own community.