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Clovis Mobile Citizenship Clinic - 08/20/16

Instituto partnered with Somos Un Pueblo Unido and the Consulate of Mexico in Clovis to offer free consultations to immigrant workers and families, and make referrals to legal services and other resources available in New Mexico. 

"Immigrant families in the southeastern region of the state often find themselves with very little options for legal services that are affordable, accessible and relatable," says Marina Piña, Community Organizer for Somos Un Pueblo Unido, who leads Somos' organizing efforts in the region.

"The mobile citizenship clinics provide families with an opportunity to be heard by legal professionals, and to receive advice from lawyers on the immigration pathways that are available to their families. For Lawful Permanent Residents, this service assists them with taking those final important steps toward citizenship," Piña continued.

Instituto brings a fresh approach to delivering legal services in rural communities. By partnering with grassroots organizations that have long-standing relationships in the community, Instituto is able to assist organized communities with the legal challenges that individuals within those communities face, while advancing the vision of the overall community and local partners.  

Instituto prides itself in working as a collaborative, strategic partner. We all have a role to play, a place at the table and we are fortunate that groups like Somos Un Pueblo Unido exist and have existed for a long time in working communities, holding it down in the name of justice.

To learn more about the Instituto's mobile clinics or programs, contact us at (505) 944-9068.

NM2MEX: Advance Parole and Beyond - 6/30/16

Instituto is honored to announce the launch of the 2016 “NM2MEX” Navigator Training Program. The purpose of this program is to provide DACA recipients in New Mexico with the opportunity to participate in a 3-week travel abroad experience in Mexico focused on strengthening their leadership, advocacy and Spanish language skills, while deepening their knowledge of Mexican culture, economics, and history, and expanding their understanding of U.S. immigration law. 

NM2MEX Program Director met with UNM Mexico City Director in May 2016 to plan for the Advance Parole delegation.

DACA recipients who travel abroad under Advance Parole are allowed entry to the US with inspection, which opens new opportunities for the person to immigrate to the US, potentially making it easier to adjust their status in the future.

The 2016 cohort will be the first group sponsored by the Instituto and will take place from DECEMBER 10th, 2016 to JANUARY 3rd, 2017. Up to 15 individuals will be accepted for the 2016 cohort. Please fill out this form to apply for the program. Do not miss this opportunity! Fill out this Application by WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10th, 2016.

More information? Contact us at (505) 944-9068.

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Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission Equipped to Protect Navajo Consumers - 5/28/16

The Navajo Nation homelands are located along the state lines of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado and 174,000 tribal members live throughout the area, living primarily within Arizona state line and commercing primarily in the state of New Mexico. The uniqueness of the tribe's geographical existence and economic activity creates complex transactions across state lines, often exposing tribal consumers to legal vulnerabilities. 

The Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission participated in the 40 hour Consumer Protection Navigator Training with the Institute of Legal Training and Instruction and strengthened their advocacy skills to better assist tribal members with resolving consumer issues that occur as a result of being exposed and unprepared to respond to predatory business practices that target the tribes elder, monolingual, and reservation- living members.

"As a result of this training, I feel more confident in my ability to analyze consumer issues and to assist and advocate on behalf of Navajo consumers who make most of their purchases and transactions in the border towns surrounding our nation," says Varvara Phillips, Human Rights Investigator at the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission. "We hope to expand the reach of the navigator training curriculum to equip our chapter houses across the Navajo Nation with tools to advocate for our people. Consumer protection is a human right in the modern world."